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Genesis Service Dogs is an Idaho-based, non-profit organization that breeds, raises and trains dogs to assist children and adults with special needs.

Genesis Service Dogs is a 501(c) tax exempt non-profit corporation. We provide our pups free of charge to qualified special needs persons and donate to other non-profit service dog schools. We need funding for such things as veterinary expenses, equipment, puppy jackets and transporting dogs between our volunteers, staff and client agencies. There is a number or ways you can help: Individual donations, corporate sponsorships, materials and services or special requests.

Our focus at Genesis Service Dogs is to breed/acquire, raise, and train puppies to be placed with persons special needs along with raising puppies that will go on to other non-profit organizations in the United States that train and support guide dogs, balance dogs, seizure alert dogs, insulin level detection dogs, wheel-chair assistance dogs, hearing dogs and other service dogs that contribute to the freedom, independence and safety of people with disabilities.

Genesis Service Dogs are trained by volunteers. We have a small group of puppy raisers who are currently raising puppies from our breeding lines as well as lines having the quailities we are seeking. These puppies are under evaluation for breeding and service work as well as “companion dog” placement for children with various disabilities.


While Labradoodles are the primary breed used by Genesis Service Dogs, we do use other breeds as well.
First Generation Labradoodles: This is a cross between a Standard Poodle and a Labrador Retriever. Our poodle and lab moms and dads have all been carefully health screened including OFA and eye> CERFs. They come from excellent breeding stock and all have AKC pedigrees and registrations. (Labradoodles> are not recognized or registered by the AKC as a breed.)

Second Generation Labradoodles: This is a cross between a standard poodle and a Labradoodle (first generation or multi-generation). This breeding is usually done in an attempt to get more attributes of the poodle’s non-shedding, low-allergen coat into the gene pool. The pups in a back-cross litter tend to be a bit more “poodle-ish” in temperament, Subsequent generations, where they are bred to 1st or multi-generational Labradoodles, tend to balance out the personalities. We are fond of the low-shedding or non-shedding wavy coat, as these dogs are easier to maintain and offer the same advantages in health, temperament and trainability. (We also think they are just adorable as puppies, as well as adults!) What all of our puppies have in common is an affectionate, “puppy-ish” temperament, exceptional trainability, and very great ease of handling. Our breeding targets a “bright” energy level – a dog that is perky and super-responsive, but not hyperactive or hard to control. As they enter adulthood, around 16-18 months of age, they become even more affectionate and devoted to their humans. They seem to be particularly sensitive to the needs of very different people, adapting their behavior in accordance to the preferences of everyone in the room, from the hearty boy that wants to play tug to the toddler. It is these attributes that make them such spectacular dogs for children with special needs, as well as adults with mobility or physical stability challenges.

Many of the larger service dog and guide dog schools have their own breeding colonies. Some of the smaller organizations do not have their own breeding programs and have need of puppies that are well bred with strong health screenings and histories and the right temperament for service.

Occasionally, we may have puppies from a litter that for one reason or another are not going to be put into our puppy raising program or donated to other schools. Typically, these make wonderful pet dogs and are available for sale. This could be because we had a larger than expected litter or our timing isn’t right for the agencies we serve. If you are interested in buying one of our puppies as a personal pet (these sales help support our organization), be sure to contact us and let us know.

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