What is Eastern Star?

The Order of the Eastern Star is a Masonic-related fraternity of women and men dedicated to charity, truth and loving kindness. Although not a part of the Masonic fraternity, membership is based on a Masonic affiliation or relationship, a belief in God, and a desire to acquire additional knowledge and for self improvement.

The degrees of the Order of the Eastern Star teach lessons of fidelity, constancy, loyalty, faith and love. These degrees are presented in a beautiful ritualistic ceremony designed to not only teach the lessons, but also to provide insight for future study and understanding.

The Eastern Star is also a social organization with frequent formal events and ceremonies. Being a member is a wonderful and a fulfilling way of life. Please ask an Eastern Star Member to tell you more about it! The Order of the Eastern Star was conceived, written and taught by a Master Mason to provide a place where both men and women could work and serve side by side.   It is now the largest Fraternal organization in the world to which both men and women belong.

Affiliated Master Masons in good standing, and any female relatives who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption to Affiliated Master Masons in good standing, or if deceased were in good standing at the time of death; as well as members - either active for three (3) years or majority in the International Order of Rainbow for Girls or in Job's Daughters International, each of whom having attained to at least the age of eighteen (18) year, are eligible to membership in the Order of Easter Star. (Ritual, General Regulations, Membership. Eligibility for the Degrees., pg. 163).

The fraternal order is comprised of people with deep religious convictions and spiritual values open to all faiths except no faith. The lessons of the Order are spiritual and teach us to have a deep love for God, our country and family.

The Order of the Eastern Star is benevolent and charitable in its actions, Local Eastern Star Chapters select their own charities and places of service in their own communities. They may include general scholarships for youth, and supporting a home for aged members. Each year special charities are selected for that year's emphasis. 

The Order proudly supports organizations such as Rainbow for Girls, Job's Daughters,  and DeMolay for young men.

The membership is admonished to aid, comfort and protect each other by sharing the joys and sorrows of life.  The rewards are many as members work and play together in love and charity and become life long friends, sisters and brothers.

Those who desire membership must petition to do so.  The petitions are carefully investigated for eligibility, then the petition is voted on by the members of the Chapter receiving the petition. The Order wants persons with high moral and spiritual qualities who will work together to perform its objectives.

About Eastern Star

Eastern Star strives to take good people, through uplifting and elevating associations of love and service as well as through precept and example, to build an Order which is truly dedicated to Charity, Truth and Loving Kindness.

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